Beethoven@250 celebration

Beethoven's 250th birthday is quickly approaching (December 2020)!

Ludwig van Beethoven turns 250 in December 2020, and we want to give him a special gift: a year of listening, exploring, and celebrating his creative genius. Your support will help the Beethoven Center and the American Beethoven Society create exhibits, plan concerts, and join in the festivities taking place all over the world. Our goal is to raise $25,000 by December 2018. Please click here to donate and select your thank-you gifts.

Plans in the works for 2020:

Beethoven@250 is a Bay Area-wide celebration throughout 2020, in conjunction with performing organizations and individual musicians/groups, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth. The Beethoven Center will be offering pre-concert lectures and exhibits for some of these concerts, as well as presenting its own events and a conference and convention of the American Beethoven Society. Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, visit our calendar of Beethoven events in the Bay Area to see what's ahead.

Beethoven@250 Thank-You Gifts (by contribution level):

Contributors will have the option of selecting from the following Beethoven birthday gifts. THANK YOU for your support!


 Beethoven portrait by Hull

Beethoven portrait by W. Hull

($25 and up)


Portrait +

Beethoven@250 magnets

($50 and up)

 Coffee mug

All of the above +

30th Anniversary coffee mug with Beethoven portrait by Felix Moscheles

($100 and up)


All of the above +

Delicious Bonn-Bonns decorated with notes from the Ninth Symphony

($250 and up)

 Stephan Moeller CD

All of the above +

CD by Stephan Moeller

($500 and up)

 CD by Craig Sheppard

All of the above +

CD by Craig Sheppard

($500 and up)

 Beethoven portrait

All of the above +

Limited edition Beethoven portrait by Felix Moscheles

($1,000 and up)