Archives and Ephemera

The Beethoven Center's archival collections include programs, newspapers, advertisements, and other ephemeral materials. Although these materials are not yet cataloged online, our archives finding aid can help you determine what types of materials can be found here.

Some of these materials date from Beethoven's lifetime:

Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Vienna 


Concert program of the
Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde
Vienna, Nov. 28, 1824



 London Times



London Times, November 13, 1817, with a biographical notice on Beethoven



The William S. Newman Collection

In 1987, the Center acquired the Beethoven library of renowned Beethoven scholar William S. Newman, musicologist and emeritus professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Newman collection is rich in sources for study of Beethoven's piano sonatas, including photo reproductions of Beethoven's original autographs and first editions. Newman's library of Beethoven books, many heavily annotated and indexed by Newman, also came to the Center. For a fuller description of the Newman collection, see The Beethoven Newsletter vol. 3, no. 2 (Summer 1988), pp. 32-35.


including Beethoven performers and scholars as well as monuments and other sites around the world.








Postcards, posters, stamps, and other unusal graphics

illustrating the reception of Beethoven in politics and popular culture



Beethoven Center archivesCelebration of 20 years

Flyers, autographed programs, posters, photographs, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, press releases, and other documents of the Beethoven Center's activities since its founding in 1983.