Art Prints and Objects

Art that portrays Beethoven, Vienna, and his times

Most of the Beethoven Center's rapidly expanding collection of art works is available for study, exhibition, and reproduction. Much of the art collection is cataloged in the Beethoven Gateway, including digital images. Contact the Curator to inquire about specific images. Categories include:

Hofel portrait

Beethoven portraits: original engravings and reproductions of portraits from Beethoven's lifetime to the present day

Bust of Beethoven

Beethoven busts, sculpture, masks, and porcelain figurines

Portraits and busts of Beethoven's contemporaries and other musicians and scholars

Portrait of Haydn

Beethoven places: engravings and lithographs of Bonn, Vienna, and other locations where Beethoven lived or traveled images of monuments and events, maps


View of Vienna

Vienna map

Image inspired by opus 13

Art works inspired by Beethoven's music

Reproduction of Beethoven's hearing aids

Beethoven realia and other objects, including medallions and coins; plaques; plates and glass objects; bookends, clocks, and other commercial merchandise.