Scientific Testing

Scientific medical testing of the Guevara Lock of Beethoven's Hair

Lock of Beethoven's hair unframed

The portion of the lock in San Jose contains 422 hairs (73% of the original); Dr. Guevara retains the remaining 160 hairs (27%). Dr. Guevara, a urologist, and Mr. Brilliant, a Beethoven collector and specialist, assembled a nationwide team of scientists to perform tests on a small sample of the portion of the hair in Dr. Guevara's possession. All of the hairs used for testing have come from Dr. Guevara' portion.







Three scientific tests have been conducted on the hair as of October 2000:

Test No. 1: Radio-immuno assay. Dr. Werner Baumgartner, Los Angeles. May 1996

Test No. 2: Trace metals analysis. Dr. William Walsh, Naperville, Illinois

Test No. 3: DNA analysis of three hairs from Dr. Guevara's portion