Using the Thesaurus to identify Beethoven manuscript

Although the Beethoven Gateway does not yet include original Beethoven manuscripts (except those located at the Beethoven Center), the Beethoven Thesaurus can be useful in tracking down sources for particular works. The Documents section of the Thesaurus attempts to identify and briefly describe all known manuscripts, including sketches, autograph manuscripts, corrected copies, and other original sources. In most cases, the terms used to name these sources are comprised of the work number followed by the type of document. For example, Beethoven's manuscript for the "Waldstein" Sonata is listed in the Thesaurus as "Opus 53--Autographs." In the cases where more than one autograph source exists for a particular work, the holding library's name for the source, or other identifying element might be used. For example, a search on "Opus 125" for the Ninth Symphony reveals a list of at least 23 manuscript sources of varying types. One manuscript, a fragment of an autograph for the last movement, is identified as "Ms 43" because that is the name assigned to it by the holding library, the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. The Thesaurus entry for each document includes the name of the current owner (mostly institutions but some private collectors also) in the scope note.

 beethoven thesaurus example