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Alexander Wheelock ThayerApril 13 - July 31, 2019. 
"The Art of Biography: Beethoven and Steinbeck"

This exhibit will be a joint venture between the the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies and the Martha Heasley Cox Center for Steinbeck Studies in exploring the history of biography of their famous namesakes.

The Beethoven Center's portion of the exhibit illuminates the research of famed Beethoven biographer Alexander Wheelock Thayer (1817-1897), an American diplomat and journalist who was the first writer to systematically document Beethoven's life. Using resources from the recently-acquired Gertrude Behr Family Thayer Collection,Hermine van Beethoven the exhibit traces Thayer's research trips to Europe to interview Beethoven's contemporaries and examine important documents. The exhibit features photographs of some of Beethoven’s descendants; Thayer's passport and travel documents; original manuscript letters; and even one of Beethoven's shirts sold at the auction of his estate in 1827. Thayer's dress uniform, worn during his appointment by President Abraham Lincoln to the US Consul in Trieste--complete with gloves, sword and helmet--will also be on display. Other sections of the exhibit explore original sources on Beethoven's life including letters and diaries; authentic portraits of Beethoven; and famous biographical blunders and current controversies.



Sponsored by a San Jose State University Artistic Excellence Programming Grant, and SVCreates.

Curated by Patricia Stroh, with assistance from Dr. Erica Buurman and Dr. Grant Cook

 Thanks also for assistance from our graphic designer Emma Spitzer, as well as Dr. William George, Eric Gjovaag, Dulce Hernandez, Bruce Lackovic, Fred Saunders, and Janice Zelaya



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