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February 6-July 31, 2017 (extended):  Beethoven in the Country

Exploring Beethoven's relationship with Baden, Heiligenstadt, Döbling, and other country villages, featuring new acquisitions.

April 8-July 8, 2017:  Beethoven@Home

The title of our exhibit conjures up images of coziness and comfort, of a place where Beethoven’s mind found peace and he allowed his creativity to soar. But was Beethoven ever really “at home?” After settling in Vienna in 1792, he moved nearly fifty times, not counting his travels and occasional stays with friends and family. Frequently dissatisfied with his apartments, he rarely stayed in one place for more than two years. Many times he kept lodgings in the city but escaped to the country in the summers in search of peace and quiet, and to restore his health. As with many artists of his time—and today—his main desire was to find a place where he could nurture his creative ideas without the troublesome distractions of domestic life.

This exhibit traces Beethoven’s pursuit of “home” in and around Vienna.

Funded in part by through grants from the City of San Jose (take pART) and the San Jose State University College of Humanities and Arts

Upcoming exhibits:

August 1-November 30, 2017.The Deaf Composer: Beethoven after 1817. Curated by Megan Ross and Patricia Stroh

December 1, 2017-March 23, 2018.The Many Moods of Beethoven. Curated by Patricia Stroh



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