Beethoven Gateway

The Beethoven Gateway
(formerly the Beethoven Bibliography Database)

The Beethoven Gateway is a free online resource that helps direct people interested in Beethoven to books, articles, scores, and other resources on the composer. Although it currently functions primarily as a catalog of the collections of the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, its also serves the broader purpose of providing a comprehensive and fully-indexed bibliography of materials relating to Beethoven, from a wide range of subject areas.

Beginning in Fall 2015, the Beethoven Gateway will be undergoing a major transformation that will provide better access to digital resources. With this transformation, the Gateway will serve as a portal to three separate but linked databases: the Beethoven Center Image Database; the Beethoven Center catalog; and the Beethoven Bibliography.

We urgently need your help with a special challenge! As we embarked on a major redesign of our Beethoven Gateway that will enhance links between our research databases to digital resources on Beethoven, we will need to act fast to preserve the investment of tens of thousands of hours of staff and volunteer time and over $1 million devoted to this project over the past twenty-five years. It is essential that we move the Beethoven Bibliography Database, a vital component of the Beethoven Gateway, to a new platform before the end of the year.

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List of donors for 2016

Here are more details on the Gateway redesign

Phase 1: Beethoven Center Image Database

Status: in progress

Digital collections of materials at the Beethoven Center, including Beethoven portraits, homes and haunts, maps, and first editions.

Please help us build the Beethoven Center Image Database through our sponsorship program! By sponsoring an art work, manuscript, or edition, you can provide permanent online access to the Beethoven Center’s treasures. Find out more about sponsorships

Digital Content

Phase 2: Beethoven Center catalog

Status: migration begins in 2016; new catalog available in 2017

In the spring of 2017, the San Jose State University Library will transfer its entire catalog to a Unified Library Management System (ULMS), a project mandated for all California State University libraries by the Chancellor’s Office. 

The migration allows the Beethoven Center to integrate its catalog into a new system that will link all CSU libraries. Although the separate catalog for the Beethoven Center’s collection will no longer exist, searches in the ULMS can be limited to the Center’s holdings. Our specialized indexes such as “categories” and “scores by opus” will also no longer be available, but data input in these indexes will remain retrievable through keyword searching. For example, a search on “Opus 67” will still pull up a list of the Beethoven Center’s scores and recordings of the Fifth Symphony. Because this phase of the project is in its preliminary stages we are not able provide more details at this point. Once the transfer is complete, we will have updated instructions on how to search the database on our website. The catalog records for the Beethoven Center materials will mostly look the same but will be enhanced with links to scans in the Beethoven Gateway Image Database.

Phase 3: The Beethoven Bibliography Database

Status: begins development in spring 2016

Although the Beethoven Center's catalog will be integrated with the catalog of the CSU libraries, the Beethoven Center is committed to maintaining a separate database that functions as an in-depth index of literature on Beethoven. One of the issues with the old Beethoven Gateway that combined the Center’s catalog with the bibliography was that by necessity it included non-Beethoven research or practical materials (e.g. language dictionaries and cataloging manuals). By separating our bibliography of articles and books on Beethoven from the general catalog, we can continue to direct Beethoven researchers to the most relevant secondary literature on the composer.

The new Beethoven Bibliography Database will have a fresh look but will maintain the specialized search indexes from the old database (e.g. main subjects and categories for types of material). Although it will no longer include catalog entries for the Center’s scores, recordings, or art works, we intend to enhance the bibliography by adding links to full-text materials in online open access databases. As we develop each component for the new Beethoven Gateway, the old database will remain in operation until the summer of 2017.

Donors to the 2016 campaign:

Charlene Archibeque, Tom Bailey, Roger, Ballou, Allen Bishop, Mark Evan Bonds, Robert Brilliant, Kevin Brown, Doris Davis, Farrington Historical Foundation, Eugene Fisler, Dan Flaxman, Carlos Frias, Fernando Gomollón Garcia, James Green, Paul Hertenlendy, Robert and Kathleen Hofmann, Gavin Holt, Victoria Korkoras, Ted Lorraine, Lola Mayes, Karin Nagy, Carlos Frias Nogales, Mary Pyrzynski, John J. Rinkardt, Robert Rountree, Marilyn Sefchovich, Richard Sogg, Katherine Stathis, Jan Telesky, Quan Truong, Ted Walden, Mary Ann Whitehurst.

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