Minor in Biological Sciences

Description of the Program:

Minors that total 18 units can be developed to fit the needs of the individual students. All minors require Biology 20 (Ecological Biology) and Biology 21 (Human Biology), or Biology 1A (Foundations in Biodiversity) and Biology 1B (Foundations of Cell Biology & Physiology) or equivalent, plus 10 to 12 additional units in Biological Sciences courses of which 6 units must be upper division (courses with a number of 100 or above). At least 6 of the 18 units must be taken in residence at SJSU with consultation from a Biological Sciences Department advisor for minors.

Students seeking a minor in Biological Sciences do not normally take courses required for a Biology major. However, courses for the Biology majors maybe included in the minor. Courses in the minor are usually selected from the following:

Biology Course Number Course Title Units
20 Ecological Biology  3
21 Human Biology[1]    3
54 Human Understanding      3
65 Human Anatomy 4
66 Human Physiology 5
101 Origins of Life  3
109 Human Neuroanatomy & Physiology 3
110 Biodiversity and Biopolitics 3
140 Human Sexuality 3
141 Human Factors in the Aviation Environment 3


[1] No credit towards the minor for Biology 21, if taken after Biology 65 or 66.
Updated Oct 2014

Once a decision has been made as to which courses will be taken, a Minor Form (obtained from the Biology office, DH 254) must be filled out. This form, along with copies of transcripts of courses completed, is then submitted to the Minor Advisor for approval.

See Faculty Adviser List for advising.


Course Requirements:

Minor in Biological Sciences

Minor Form & Instructions