Luke Miller




Starting in August 2018, Dr. Miller joined the faculty of the Department of Biology at San Diego State University. 


Luke Miller’s website:


Ph.D., 2008, Stanford University

B.Sc., 2000, University of California, Santa Barbara

Courses Taught:

BIOL 114: Functional Morphology

BIOL 55: Introductory Biostatistics

BIOL 106: Physiological Ecology

BIOL 106L: Physiological Ecology Lab

BIOL 155: Hypothesis Testing and Experimental Design

BIOL 156: Pattern Analysis

BIOL 164: Ecological Field Methods

BIOL 255E: Practical Computing for Research Biologists

Research Interests:

My research explores how organisms living in a highly variable environment, the rocky intertidal zone, cope with physical and physiological stress. I am interested in species' responses to thermal stress, wave stress, desiccation stress, and climate change, and how organisms’ behavioral and morphological traits allow them to mitigate potential environmental stresses. Much of my research involves the development of custom electronic sensors to track environmental conditions and the status of organisms.

Recent selected publications:

L. P. Miller  & W. W. Dowd (2017). Multimodal in situ datalogging quantifies inter-individual variation in thermal experience and persistent origin effects on gaping behavior among intertidal mussels (Mytilus californianus). Journal of Experimental Biology 220(22): 4305-4319

Gleason, L.U., L.P. Miller, J.R. Winnikoff, G.N. Somero, P.H. Yancey, D. Bratz and W.W. Dowd (2017). Thermal history and gape of individual Mytilus californianus correlate with oxidative damage and thermoprotective osmolytes. Journal of Experimental Biology 220(22): 4292-4304 (Featured in "Inside JEB")

Helmuth, B., F. Choi, A. Matzelle, J.L. Torossian, S.L. Morello, K.A.S. Mislan, L. Yamane, D. Strickland, P.L. Szathmary, S.E. Gilman, A. Tockstein, T.J. Hilbish, M.T. Burrows, A.M. Power, E. Gosling, N. Mieszkowska, C.D.G. Harley, M. Nishizaki, E. Carrington, B. Menge, L. Petes, M.M. Foley, A. Johnson, M. Poole, M.M. Noble, E.L. Richmond, M. Robart, J. Robinson, J. Sapp, J. Sones, B.R. Broitman, M.W. Denny, K.J. Mach, L.P. Miller, M. O’Donnell, P. Ross, G.E. Hofmann, M. Zippay, C. Blanchette, J.A. Macfarlan, E. Carpizo-Ituarte, B. Ruttenberg, C.E. Peña Mejía, C.D. McQuaid, J. Lathlean, C.J. Monaco, K.R. Nicastro and G. Zardi (2016). Long-term, high frequency in situ measurements of intertidal mussel bed temperatures using biomimetic sensors. Scientific Data 3: 1-11 OPEN ACCESS LINK (Featured in the New York Times)

Early, R., B.A. Bradley, J.S. Dukes, J.J. Lawler, J.D. Olden, D.M. Blumenthal, P. Gonzalez, E.D. Grosholz, I. Ibanez, L.P. Miller, C.J.B. Sorte and A.J. Tatem (2016). Global threats from invasive alien species in the twenty-first century and national response capacities. Nature Communications 7 OPEN ACCESS LINK

LaScala-Gruenewald, D. E., L. P. Miller, M. E. S. Bracken, B. J. Allen & M. W. Denny (2016). Quantifying the top-down effects of grazers on a rocky shore: selective grazing and the potential for competition. Marine Ecology Progress Series 533: 49-66 OPEN ACCESS LINK

Miller, L.P. and J.D. Long (2015). A tide prediction and tide height control system for laboratory mesocosms. PeerJ 3: e1442 OPEN ACCESS LINK

Miller, L.P., B. J. Allen, F. A. King, D. Chilin, V. Reynoso & M. W. Denny (2015) Warm microhabitats drive both increased respiration and growth rates of intertidal consumers. Marine Ecology Progress Series 522: 127-143