FERP Faculty


John Boothby

John Boothby
FERP - Fall

Office: DH 347
Phone: (408) 924-4850

Research interest: Immunobiology infectious diseases, host-parasite interactions.

Robert Fowler

Robert Fowler
FERP - Spring

Office: DH 535
Phone: (408) 924-4843

Research interest: Bacterial genetics, particularly E. coli genetics; mechanisms of spontaneous mutagenesis and DNA repair.
Daniel Holley
FERP - Spring

Office: DH 452
Phone: (408) 924-4844

Research interest: Environmental physiology, physiological and behavioral response to stressors, space biology. Chronobiology, particularly physiological circadian rhythms; role of light and non-photic entrainers as they relate to the circadian systems. Control of carbohydrate metabolism (endocrine aspects especially insulin).
Jerry Smith
FERP - Spring

Office: DH 335
Phone: (408) 924-4855

Research interest: Freshwater and estuarine ecology, with emphasis on community structure and life history strategies of native fishes, frogs and turtles.
Steven White Steven White
FERP - Spring

Office: DH 451
Phone: (408) 924-4847

Research interest: Identification of genes regulating development of the four-chambered vertebrate heart; construction of both genomic and cDNA libraries for use in hybridization screening and subtraction; role of growth factors in the developing heart.