Biology Department Student Clubs

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Undergraduate Affiliate Network

Faculty Advisor: Brandon White
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The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) is a national organization with student chapters dedicated to building a network of young scientists to communicate, support each other, and perform science outreach within their communities. ASBMB supplements science education by providing tools for early career development, including access to national research conferences and student grants and scholarships. The SJSU chapter encourages early involvement in research by ways such as hosting instructional workshops on seeking undergraduate positions in research labs. ASBMB recognizes issues like the underrepresentation of minority groups in STEM careers and the SJSU chapter, in particular, participates in annual events such as Discovery Days at AT&T Park and San Joaquin Expanding Your Horizons, which both help to expose young students to opportunities in STEM. ASBMB facilitates a more active involvement within the scientific community.

Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society

Faculty Advisor: Scott Shaffer
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The Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society is a nationally recognized organization for students excelling in the biology major. With student chapters spread through out the country, SJSU’s Epsilon Alpha chapter seeks to provide students with the knowledge, networking, and resources to prepare them for a successful career in the biological sciences. Our goal is to create a supportive community of academically strong students that promote opportunities in research, internships and volunteering throughout all aspects of the biology field.


Biodiversity Club

Faculty Advisor: 
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Biodiversity Club is an avenue for SJSU students from all majors to be involved in community outreach aimed to promote  awareness of nature, ecology, and sustainable practices. The club values the idea of exploration: encouraging and seeking out opportunities to enrich the experience and value of biological education at SJSU through trips and by actively promoting opportunities for research and study, particularly in ecology. We seek to amplify the influence of SJSU students and faculty by providing a contact between SJSU and community organizations working on biodiversity preservation, and by contributing to education programs in the community.  

Biology Students Association (BSA)

Faculty Advisor: Betsy Skovran
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BSA is designed for students with a wide variety of interests in the vast field of biology, from ecology and evolutionary biology, to genetics and microbiology. Our mission is to help and better prepare students in achieving their goal of becoming knowledgeable, determined, and professional leaders in the field of biology by providing mentoring, opportunities for employment, internships, and volunteering in the community throughout your educational career at SJSU.

Pre-Dental Club

Faculty Advisor: Joanne Kerr
Contact Information:

The Pre-Dental Club's purpose is to inform all members about the dental profession.  We are determined to help members understand that there are many parts to the dental application. As a result, we provide critical information in regards to the DAT, letters of recommendation, resume building, and shadowing with a Dentist. We also invite dental admission representatives and dentists to come and speak to the members about their dental application experience. Moreover, along with our Pre-Health and Pre-Dental members we also make a contribution to society by volunteering with community service organizations. 

Pre-Optometry Club

Faculty Advisor: Brandon White
Contact Information:

Our goal is to bring together students and anyone off campus interested in the field of optometry. With everyone's participation, we want to better prepare ourselves as students, applicants, care givers and servants of our community. For those who are unsure: We will bring in optometry students, school advisors, and optometrists to answer all questions. For those who are studious: We will hold practice sessions out of OAT (Optometry Admissions Test) booklets to learn, relearn, and challenge our knowledge. For those confident and ready: Mock interviews will be held to prepare and test nerves for thought-provoking questions. We strive to create a network of pre-optometry students to provide support throughout our common endeavors. 

Pre-Pharmacy Club

Faculty Advisor: Shelley Cargill
Contact Information:

SJSU Pre-Pharmacy Club is a collaboration of passionate students who share the common goal of pursuing pharmacy. We provide informational resources and networking opportunities to help pre-pharmacy students prepare for their desired pharmacy career goals. These opportunities include resume and personal statement workshop, pharmacy technician workshop, and community services to help students gain better insight to the roles of pharmacists in clinics, administration, and the community. 

Pre-Veterinary Club

Faculty Advisor: Stephanie Trewhitt

Contact Information:
The Pre-Veterinary Club is made up of students who are interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. With the passion and determination to save the lives of animals, our club offers not only information about veterinary schools, but also experiences. These experiences include field trips, internship and volunteer opportunities, veterinary medical symposiums, and veterinary school representative guest speakers. We encourage those who are interested in helping animals to use this club as a way to explore the possibilties of pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine.


Spartan MD

Faculty Advisor: William Murray
Contact Information:

Spartan M.D. seeks to inspire, support, and inform premedical students at San Jose State University through each step of the pre-medical process in order to increase the rate of San Jose State University students admitted into medical school after graduation. Spartan M.D. will fulfill its purpose by aiding students to explore careers in medicine, make informed decisions, navigate the premedical process, meet new people, pursue enrichment opportunities, reach for higher academia, excel in the Medical School Application process, prepare for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), and network with local medical students and medical schools. ​​

The full list of SJSU student organizations can be found on the SJSU Student Involvement website.