Red Folder

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Red Folder

The Division of Student Affairs is pleased to bring you the Red Folder, a resource guide for faculty and staff directed by the CSU Chancellor’s Office. The CSU recognizes that individuals may seek support and counseling from faculty and staff members with whom they have fostered a trusting relationship.   

The Red Folder reference guide contains information, safety tips, and contact information on a variety of emergency campus and community resources to immediately help any Spartans in distress.  Additionally, it provides guidance on responding to incidents in which an individual might be of danger to self or a threat to others. The Red Folder was developed by a systemwide workgroup consisting of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) directors, counselors, student conduct administrators, and health educators. This project was designed to put at your fingertips the information you need to identify, respond, and refer individuals in distress.

Employees of SJSU should have access to a physical Red Folder and a digital version on the desktop of their computer.   Also, know there are mobile app versions in the Google Play and Apple iTunes Stores.

Monthly training is offered; to view the schedule or sign-up view information on the HR 101 series at HR’s website; course code BIT001.  On-Demand training opportunities can be scheduled as well. Please contact the or call 408.924.6303 for more information or training on the Red Folder.