Fall Payment Due Dates


Note: Failure to pay all outstanding fees by the due date will result in all classes being dropped. Payment due dates are dependent on when the housing and registration charges are posted to a student’s account and are not necessarily posted at the same time. IPP refers to the Installment Payment Plan.

Fall 2016:   Fall Payment Due Dates
Housing/Reg Charges
Post to Acct
Due Date
Date Classes Dropped
for Non-Payment
IPP Due Dates
Advance Registration
May 31—Aug 21
May 31—July 9  July 15 July 18 
July 15
Aug 14
Sept 14
Oct 15
July 10—Aug 8 Aug 14 Aug 15
Aug 14
Sept 14
Oct 15
Aug 9—Sept 11 Sept 14  Sept 15  
Sept 14
Oct 15


  • For students who register after September 11, they will have three (3) days in which to pay from the date they register. If you wish to sign-up for a payment plan after September 11, you will have until September 14 to sign-up for the two month payment plan, due September 14 and October 15.
  • No registration activity August 22 through August 23.
  • Late registration August 24 - September 13.