General FAQs


What are the office hours of the Bursar's Office?

Our days and hours of operation are posted in the lower right corner of our Home Page.

Note: On Mondays through Thursdays, Cashiering and Tower Card windows close 1/2-hour earlier than the front desk of the Bursar's Office to allow for end of day processing.

When is the last day to add or drop a class?

See our calendar for important dates including the last day to add a class or last day to drop a class.

How do I add a class if I'm an International & Extended Studies student or an Open University student?

IES add forms are available at IES Open University Forms. After obtaining signature(s) from your Professor(s), pay your fees at Cashiers.

Where can I purchase a student parking permit?

Commuter, Housing and Academic parking permits can be purchased at the Bursar's Office Cashiering Services Windows in the Student Services Center or online at Parking Services.

I purchased a parking permit, but I haven't received it. How do I get it?

When you purchase a parking permit online, the system provides a complimentary permit that you can print and use until your parking permit arrives in the mail.

Where can I find information on public transportation?

Visit Associated Students Transportation Solutions.

Can I buy an SJSU Schedule of Classes?

Yes. Schedules are available at no cost online at SJSU Schedules or can be purchased at the Associated Students Printshop for $3.25/set.

Where can I get a transit sticker?

Visit the Associated Students Transportation Solutions.

How do I report a non-emergency crime or other public problem?

Call 408-924-2222 or visit the University Police Department.

How can I get information about an short-term loan?

After you have registered for class, see Short-Term Loans.

How do I contact an advisor?

See the department office for your Major. If you are undeclared, contact Enrollment Services at 408-924-2129 to schedule an appointment.

Where can I find information about on-campus housing?

Contact University Housing Services at 408-795-5600.

Can I get an on-campus student assistant job?

Contact the Career Center at 408-924-6033.