Student ID (Tower) Card FAQs


How and when will I get my decal?

Decals are mailed by the Transportation Solutions Office in August for the Fall semester, and in January for the Spring semester.

What is the difference between the Tower Card and the Tower Maxx Card?

For purpose of clarity, the cards issued prior to Spring 2011 are referred to as blue cards. The new cards issued beginning in Spring 2011 are referred to as gold cards.

The standard Tower Card has the same functionality as the current Tower Card. The Tower Maxx card is a combination card. It will serve as the current Tower Card and a Visa debit card for U.S. Bank members only.

Where would I get the Maxx Card?

The Maxx card will only be issued at the Tower Card windows in the Bursar's Office. If you leave SJSU, U.S. Bank will replace your MAXX card with a U.S. Bank Visa debit card.

What if I want to become a U.S. bank member or already am a member and want to replace the standard Tower Card for the Maxx card?

You need to bring proof of a U.S. Bank account to the Bursar’s Office for the new Maxx card.

Do I have to go to a U.S. Bank to become a member?

No, U.S. bank representatives will be on campus, in the Bursar’s lobby. Their schedule is

  • April 1 - June 5: Every first & third Tuesday of the month from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

How long does it take to activate the Maxx ATM debit card?

The card is activated immediately upon issuance at the Bursar’s Office.

Are there U.S. Bank ATM’s on campus?

SJSU is getting 2 U.S. Bank ATM’s. One is at the ATM in front of the Event Center. The second ATM is on the ground floor of the Student Union, south entrance backing up to the Bookstore.

How does this partnership benefit SJSU?

U.S. Bank offers:

  • Annual revenue to support the Tower Card operation
  • Financial literacy workshops for our students
  • Monetary & personnel assistance with orientations & other campus events
  • A banker on campus, once a week, for the 5 year term of the contract

Where do I report a lost/stolen Tower Card?

Contact the Bursar's Office 408-924-1610.

How much does a Tower Card cost?

Your first Tower Card is free. If your Tower Card is lost, stolen or damaged, replacement cost is $5.

Where do I get a Tower Card if I did not receive a new one in the mail ?

Tower cards are available at the Cashier's Office windows 6-9 located in the Student Services Center. Present your driver's license or other photo identification to have your picture taken. A plastic cardholder will be issued to hold your Tower Card. For transit sticker information, visit Associated Students.

What are Gold Points?

Spartan Gold Points are pre-deposited dollars in your individual account, which enable you to purchase various goods and services on campus. These points are accessed with your SJSU Tower Card.

How do I get Gold Points?

You may activate your account several ways:

  • By logging on to Gold Points
  • By visiting the Spartan Shops Office
  • At the Dining Commons
  • By phoning 408-924-1885 with credit card information
  • Using the add-value stations in The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library
  • Washington Square Hall Computer Lab
  • Housing Modular Computer Lab

How do Gold Points work?

An account is set up to work like an ATM. It can be used at all registers in Spartan Shops locations and your account will be debited for the amount of the purchase automatically. Call 408-924-1885 or visit Spartan Shops for more information.

Where can I use my Gold Points?

You can use your Gold Points account to pay for purchases in:

  • Spartan Bookstore
  • All retail dining facilities
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library Café
  • Public-use printers in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library
  • Public-use copiers both in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library and across campus

You must use your Gold Points account (no cash) to pay for purchases in:

  • Public-use printers in many computer labs across Campus
  • Residential hall laundry facilities