Student Success Fees (Job & Internship Initiative)

Job & Internship Initiative Statement

The Career Center was allocated $151,402 of the $18,095,713 generated from the 2013/14 Student Success, Excellence & Technology Fee (SSETF). We utilized those funds to develop the Job & Internship Initiative (JII).



Ensure SJSU students are better positioned to compete for job & internship positions by
increasing student awareness of the importance of internships; increasing access to employment opportunities; and providing resources to help students best present their strengths and abilities.

2014-15 Goals

  • Increase job postings/openings for career, pre-career, local part-time, on-campus and Work Study jobs
  • Offer new opportunities to connect with employers 
  • Coordinate and deliver a minimum of one emerging market panel
  • Continue to provide access to on-line resources

2014-15 Results




Career Center Student Advisory Group

The JII team has created the Career Center's first student advisory group comprising of student organizations and leaders on campus. More information on the purpose of the group and participated student organizations can be found on the student advisory group webpage.


JII Team

Julie Sedlemeyer

Associate Director/WAIV Project Director

Andrew Soliz

Career and Internship Resources Coordinator