Annual Jobs Report: SJSU Career Center Releases Annual Job and Internship Trends

October 14, 2014


Daniel Newell

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — San Jose State University (SJSU) Career Center released its FY 2013/2014 annual job development report. The report analyzes Silicon Valley recruitment trends for jobs and internships as it pertains to college students and recent graduates from SJSU. The period covered is July 1st 2013 – June 30, 2014.

The SJSU Career Center experienced an increase in demand for recruiting services. The number of employers connected to SJSU for recruitment has grown significantly. SJSU job fairs have sold out the last three years, attracting approximately 1,300 recruiters to campus in 2013/2014. As a result of the Valley's economic improvement and the SJSU Career Center's robust job development strategy, 75,347 jobs and internships were made available to students, alumni, and the community, a 42% increase over last FY. The SJSU Career Center attracted 2,755 new employers, an 11% increase over last FY, and 4,219 new recruiters and hiring representatives, a 5% increase over last FY. Collectively, the SJSU Career Center worked with approximately 24,000 recruiters and hiring representatives from 17,000+ employers locally, nationally, and around the globe. The SJSU Career Center housed 11,820 internships, an 87% increase compared to last FY and 46,403 full-time job opportunities, a 48% increase over last FY.

Student's average annual earnings were $11,576. Despite a more robust job market, the overall student employment rate dropped approximately eight percentage points from 66% to 58% in FY 2013/2014. Approximately 50% of the jobs obtained were internships. Based on a July 2014 poll of 2,367 students, the SJSU Career Center estimates that approximately 18,055 students obtained some form of employment in FY 2013-2014 and approximately 9,028 students obtained an internship. The poll carries a 95% confidence level with a 1.94% margin of error.

An analysis of the job and internship database reveals the top top ten industries represented by employers are 1) engineering, IT, technology 2) business, finance, professional services 3) non-profit, government, public service 4) education 5) communications, advertising, publishing 6) manufacturing & distribution 7) healthcare 8) hospitality 9) retail, wholesale 10) construction, architecture, contracting.

Areas showing increasing recruitment requests by employers pertain to computer and software engineering, programming and development, cyber security, technical writing, marketing, sales, social media, education (K-12), supply chain, user interface, big data, behavioral therapy, accounting, home healthcare aids, digital media, and finance.

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