Game Changer! SJSU Changes the Way Businesses Recruit from Universities

October 1, 2014


Daniel Newell

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — San Jose State University (SJSU) Career Center has partnered with SlingShot Connections and EXPANDability to change the way businesses identify, attract, and recruit the next generation workforce. With an innovative new approach, these three organizations are changing "the game" of how businesses recruit university students, alumni, and the general community.

SJSU developed a business model, in partnership with private sector leader, SlingShot Connections, and non-profit leader, EXPANDability that aids companies in recruitment. The service known as SJSU Spartan Staffing utilizes a staffing agency approach to help students, alumni, and the general community obtain employment.

SJSU Spartan Staffing addresses many of the challenges involved with recruitment, from the small start-up company, to the multi-billion dollar corporation. The program provides a solution to small businesses by providing them with the option of serving as the employer of record and handling workers comp, payroll, state and federal tax allocations, liability, and unemployment insurance while providing large corporations with the opportunity to source the most qualified talent before their competitors. This program can serve as or complement a company's university recruitment department or strategy. SJSU Spartan Staffing facilitates internships and meets university compliance requirements for students seeking credit bearing opportunities, relieving the employer of the obligation.

Employers that hire international students can benefit from the SJSU Spartan Staffing service. SJSU Spartan Staffing can source for international students requiring VISA sponsorship for employers who seek them. SJSU Spartan Staffing works in collaboration with employers to source the most qualified talent, including international students.

SJSU Spartan Staffing includes a solution to the new revision of federal regulation, Section 503, that requires federal contractors receiving 100K or more in federal funds have a workforce that consists of at least 7% of employees with disabilities. EXPANDability, a non-profit organization devoted to the employment of people with disabilities, and SJSU Spartan Staffing contractor aids in addressing this concern. Through SJSU Spartan Staffing, employers can recruit candidates with disabilities to help diversify their workforce and assist them in complying with Section 503.

SJSU Spartan Staffing is a university and community service. If talent cannot be identified and recruited via SJSU's current students and alumni network, SJSU Spartan Staffing takes the search to the general community, sourcing from organizations like the Veterans Administration, the Department of Rehabilitation, and America's Job Centers, providing the Silicon Valley community with greater access to employment.

San José State — Silicon Valley's largest institution of higher learning with 30,500 students and 3,850 employees — is part of the California State University system. SJSU's 154-acre downtown campus anchors the nation's 10th largest city.