Career Center Team Recognition and Appreciation Program

You Make a Difference Recognition

The first level of the Career Center Recognition Program is the recognition note and raffle ticket for a drawing done monthly. It's a way for staff to be recognized for frequently giving assistance, knowledge or expertise to our staff and students. We want to recognize our employees in supportive day-to-day interactions and outstanding performance in support of Career Center goals.

To recognize a fellow staff member please submit your nomination here.

Staff & Students will be recognized in monthly staff meetings and winners will be drawn for gold point cards. We will select 2 raffle tickets for 1 $10 and 1 $20 meal points card. Only one prize per drawing can be awarded per person. Nominations will be collected and compiled to help select the "Employee of the Year" award.

In addition to the staff the program extends to our student employee staff. A recognition card and raffle ticket will be given to acknowledge colleague-to-colleague assistance, a kind gesture, a good attitude, or going the extra mile is a great way to show your appreciation. Each month we will have a drawing for 1 $10 meal points card for the winning ticket.

Star Quarterly Award

Quarterly submission done HERE for staff who consistently illustrate outstanding performance in support of Career Center goals. This award certificate recognizes employees who have provided outstanding customer service and performance over the course of a quarter. These submissions will be entered into the end of the year "Employee of the Year" award selection.

Employee of the Year Award

Employees of the Year award recipients are individuals who exemplify professionalism and a dedication to excellence in career services. Nominations should be made for individuals who perform above the standard to enhance services, events, operations, and influence of the Career Center team. Nominations are submitted online and reviewed by the managers within the Career Center. Employee of the Year awards are presented at the Career Center End-of-Year celebration.

Career Center Employee Of the Year Recipients

2004-2005 Sherri Bowman
2005-2006 Steve Geraci
2006-2007 Anita Manuel 
2007-2008 Sherri Bowman
2008-2009 Ezequiel Cothran
2009-2010 Lisa Trikofski
2010-2011 Melodie Cameron
2011-2012 Julie Sedlemeyer
2011-2012 Susan Rockwell
2012-2013 Christa Bacon
2013-2014 Moira Kolasinski
2014-2015 Donna Gilmour
2014-2015 Evelyn Ramos
2015-2016 John Salangsang
2015-2016 Catherine Voss Plaxton
2016-2017 Donna Rizando


Recipients of the Employee of the Year Award receive:

  • A 75 meal points card and/or paperweight selected by department
  • An award certificate
Award Nominations

To nominate an individual or team for an award, please complete an Employee of the Year Award Nomination Form. All nominations from the monthly and quarterly drawing will be considered in selection by MPP's as well.

Submit your nominations here.

Nomination deadlines is May 11.