Student Policies and Expectations

The Career Center provides resources and events to support students in exploring majors and careers and connecting to a variety of employment opportunities including but not limited to internships, part-time jobs, and full time career positions.

It is the expectation of the Career Center that students use good judgment when utilizing these resources and engage in responsible behaviors that abide by the San José State University Conduct Code and reflect well on the university.

SJSU students represent not only themselves but San José State University and all individuals associated with the university, past present and future.


Attendance at Events and Job Interviews

Career Center events are open to all interested SJSU students and registered alumni members as space allows.

Attendance at Career Center events is on a first come, first served basis unless indicated otherwise.

Students are expected to demonstrate courtesy and respect at information sessions, career fairs, and other Career Center events:

  • Don’t cut in front of other students waiting in line to get into an event or to speak with employer representatives. Both employers and staff members notice this behavior and it leaves a poor impression.
  • If you are waiting to be admitted to an event, wait patiently and treat fellow students and Career Center team members with courtesy.
  • If you are speaking with a recruiter and there is a line behind you, be courteous and spend just a few minutes in conversation. If after 5 minutes there seems like a good connection, ask the recruiter for a way to follow up and continue the conversation later. Explain that you want to respect their time and give them an opportunity to meet other students. This will make you seem professional and will give a good impression.
  • Honor appointments with Career Counselors and interviews. If you can’t make the appointment for any reason, contact the Career Center or the employer as appropriate to cancel as soon as possible.
  • NO SHOW POLICY: Students are asked to provide a 48-hour notice or more if they need to cancel an interview and if notice is not received prior to 48 hours, the missed interview is considered a “no-show”. If illness or an emergency occurs, call the employer and our office (408-924-6031) as soon as possible. By following the “no-show” policy, it may be possible to maintain a positive relationship with the company and reschedule the interview. The decision to reschedule is at the discretion of the company.

Job Offers

We expect that students will no longer seek or consider other positions once a job or internship offer has been accepted. This holds true even if a more appealing offer is received at a later date.

Withdrawing accepted offers has negative repercussions that extend far beyond the student’s own reputation.

Students who withdraw accepted offers of employment and/or internships may have their access to Career Center Services suspended, including but not limited to SJSU Handshake, career fairs, information sessions, appointments and other services. In addition, students will be required (in conjunction with appropriate campus entities) to professionally address and rectify the situation. If a student has received multiple job/internship offers and is uncertain of how to proceed, please contact the Career Center for an appointment with an employment specialist or career consultant for assistance.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Career Center welcomes all Equal Opportunity Employers. San José State University, in accordance with applicable federal and state law and University policy, prohibits discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical or mental disability, medical condition (cancer-related or genetic characteristics), ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or status as a covered veteran (special disabled veteran, Vietnam-era veteran or any other veteran who served on active duty during a war or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized).

SJSU Handshake Student User Acknowledgement

SJSU Handshake is a service for San José State University student and alumni seeking employment.

All users of this site agree to:

  • Provide accurate and truthful information about their qualifications, work authorization and educational background in SJSU Handshake including their online profile, resume, and any supplemental job-search documents they upload to the system.
  • refrain from posting inappropriate material on the site.
  • Keep profile information up-to-date, including current contact information, work authorization, email address, academic major and class year.
  • Keep login information and password confidential and not share it with others. Sharing this sensitive information with others may result in being denied access to the site. Notify the Career Center immediately of any unauthorized use of their SJSU Handshake account.
  • Abide by the San José State University “Student Conduct Code” and engage in responsible behaviors that reflect well on San Jose State University
  • Authorize the Career Center to release their resume to employers via SJSU Handshake when they have opted in to resume books and actively submitted their resume.
  • Abide by the San José State University “Student Conduct Code” and engage in responsible behaviors that reflect well on San Jose State University.

Users understand that furnishing false information is a violation of student standards of conduct and may result in being blocked from use of SJSU Handshake.

Complaint Procedures

Students who believe an employer has misrepresented him/herself or his/her organization or has not conformed with Career Center policies should contact the Career Center at