The Team


Head shot of Susan Rockwell.Susan Rockwell

Career Center Director


Head shot of Julie Sedlemeyer.Julie Sedlemeyer

Associate Director/WAIV Project Director


Head shot of Christa Bacon.Christa Bacon

Budget, Facilities and Operations Coordinator



Employer Services

Head shot of Donna Gilmour.Donna Gilmour

Employment Specialist Lead
Liaison to the College of Engineering & Department of Computer Science


Head shot of Denise Hamilton.Denise Hamilton

Employment Specialist
College of Humanities and the Arts & College of Social Sciences


Head shot of Moira Kolasinski.Moira Kolasinski

Employer Services Lead/Employment Specialist
College of Applied Sciences and Arts (Health Majors)


Head shot of Daniel Newell.Daniel Newell

Program Manager of Workforce & Economic Development


Head shot of Lisa Trikofski.Lisa Trikofski

Events, Programs & Marketing Specialist


Career Center staff member Nellie Rochon-Ellis.

Nellie Rochon-Ellis

Career Consultant. College of Science & College of Applied Sciences and Arts (Non-Health Majors)


Career Center employee, Donna Mae Rizando.

Donna Mae Rizando

Recruiting Coordinator


Catherine Voss Plaxton

Employment Specialist, College of Business


Career Development

Head shot of Julie Klees.Jill Klees

Career Consultant
School of Library & Information Science


Head shot of Anita Manuel.Anita Manuel 

Program Manager, Career Consultant, Job Search, Major/Career Exploration, Internships


Head shot of Rick Partridge.Rick Partridge

Career Consultant
Lucas College and Graduate School of Business


Head shot of Evelyn Ramos.Evelyn Castillo Ramos

Career Consultant
Retention Services and College of Education Liason


Head shot of John Salangsang.John Salangsang

Internship Specialist


Head shot of Andrew Soliz.Andrew Soliz

Career and Internship Resources Coordinator



Workability IV Program

Head shot of Richard Saroyan.Richard Saroyan

Career Consultant/Employment Specialist


Head shot of Lawren Lutrin.Lawren Lutrin

Career Consultant/Employment Specialist



Intern Staff

2014 Career Center intern staff.


Student Peers

Career Center Student Peers standing outside of the Career Center.