Internship Recruitment

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Your Competitive Edge!

Internships are an excellent way to keep your competitive edge. Interns serve as a pool for potential employees and offer fresh and innovative ideas that add value to your business.

What is an Internship?

An internship is a paid or unpaid, closely monitored, highly structured, strategic, well defined, project-related program that provides professional work experience outside of the classroom environment. An internship merges academic, personal development and career exploration in one. Internships are typically part-time and can last three or more months but can also last for several years. Although interns are typically learners/trainees, an internship will combine academic and real world experiences providing meaningful, professional work assignments which meet the intern’s learning goals and objectives.

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Information on academic credit, compensation, and best-practices

            SpartaJobs | Academic Credit and Compensation
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Creating an Internship Program

Information on how to develop a quality internship program

                                     Tips | What do Interns Want?
                  Managing Interns | Duration, Time, Hours
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FAQs, links, and information

               FAQs | Links/Resources (Coming Soon!)