Emerging Market: Social Media

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The industry of Social Media is ever expanding both from those in technical fields or creative. Whether it's a tech company coming out with the newest social media platform or an organization who needs someone who can utilize social media for marketing, there's no denying that social media is ever expanding both for those in technical fields or creative. 


Research Report on Social Media Companies

Social Media Research ReportThis presentation contains information about hiring trends of six popular social media companies in the area.

Social Media Career Opportunities Presentation (pdf) 




Careers in Social Media Panel

Panel was held in Fall 2014 with top social media influencers who are building careers as social media managers, strategists and digital professionals shared their tips on how to land a job in this growing field. 

Video recording of panel and interviews with some of the panelists can be found on the Communication Studies Social Media Team's YouTube Channel.



Here is a link to access the Social Media Information Packet that was passed out during the Careers in Social Media Panel on November 4, 2014: Social Media Information Packet (pdf)