Getting to Know Yourself

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Who am I and where am I going?

Though some people may seem to have it all figured out—their major, their career goals—the majority of us aren't bestowed with such clear-cut answers. Whether you are undecided on a major or are unsure if your current major is the right fit, exploring your personal interests along with your academic and career options will help you clarify your goals and identify a plan of action.


Getting Started: Self Exploration

Taking some time to understand your personal goals and defining your core values, personality, preferences, interests, strengths, and skills will help you narrow down what it is that you really want to do and how you would like to develop your future career path.

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Conduct a self-assessment

We offer several formal and informal exercises and inventories which help you identify your values, personality, interests, strengths, and skills. Once you complete these exercises you can meet with a Career Consultant to discuss how these factors can influence your major choice, career choice and job search process.

A student receiving career advice from a Career Center advisor.

Explore and research majors/careers

Once you have narrowed down your major and career options, it’s time to research the requirements, program details, and career opportunities associated with your chosen path.  Our Exploring Careers page will give you access to tools which can help you learn more about specific industry information, employment trends, potential career paths and leads to related internships and jobs.

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Making decisions

After doing some self-assessment and research, you may find that there are several majors or career options that could work for you.  Reviewing your values (what’s most important to you) and other personal characteristics will help you determine your next steps.