Make the Most of Your Major

Students connecting and sharing information during a career fair.

Make the most of your time at San José State University by understanding how to navigate impaction at San José State University as well as how to build your Spartan pride within your major and the San José State University campus.

Did you know…

  • It is estimated that 70% of college students change their major at least once.
  • 80% of workers in the United States are in a field that is not directly related to their major.
  • All majors are employable
  • 40% of the Fortune 500 CEO’s have a Liberal Arts degree.
  • You do not have to select a career before choosing a major.

Navigating Major Impaction at San José State University

Most majors at SJSU are impacted. The major department determines the admission criteria to get into the major resulting in different eligibility requirements, i.e., minimum GPA and/or course prerequisites across departments.  If you are deciding what major to declare make sure to contact the major department directly to find out the following:

  • If the major is impacted.
  • What the requirements are for getting into the major.
  • Use this Pre-Appointment Worksheet for relevant resources to help you narrow down your Major options before meeting with an advisor or career counselor. 

The Advising Hub brings together all the different advising and counseling offices to make it easier for you to find the updated, reliable information you need to be successful. It is important to stay up to date regarding the changes in the process to change/add a major or minor at San José State University to avoid a delay in upper division course obtainment and graduation.

Top 5 Tips for Major Success

  1. Connect with a GE adviser  and once you have declared a major, meet with your major adviser to ensure you progress towards graduation.
  2. Get to know your faculty. Take advantage of office hours to not only ask questions regarding class materials but also to ask your professors questions regarding their career path, educational journey, and more.
  3. Learn strategies to develop and perfect your study habits and time management skills.
  4. Get connected to the student success centers and tutoring services to ensure academic success.
  5. Make sure to stay connected with upcoming employer and career related events held by your Career Center.

Getting Connected at San José State University

  1. Get involved in programs at San José State University designed to help you succeed during your first year and beyond.
  2. Promote self-well being.
  3. Get creative in ways to fund your education.
  4. Get connected to campus life
  5. Develop your leadership experience through campus and community engagement.