Find A Job/Internship

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Searching for a job or an internship can be a job!  These resources are here to help you on the path to your next opportunity!


Resumes/Cover Letters

The most effective and competitive resumes are tailored and targeted for a specific employer with a particular position or goal in mind versus writing a general resume. Use the resources below to help you craft an effective resume.

Resume Quick Tips | Accomplishment Statements Transferable Skills
Samples by College | Online Resume Webshop | Resume Videos
Cover Letter Quick Tips and Samples


Connect with Employers

Want to connect with an employer? We have resources customized just for you!

SpartaJobs | SpartaJobs How-To Webshop | Spartan Staffing | Spartan Shops
Job and Internship Fairs | Tips for Job Fair Success | SCCOE Teacher Fair Tips
CAEE Teacher Fair Tips | Information Sessions and Tech Talks
SpartaRecruiting: On Campus Interviews | On Campus Interviewing FAQ's


Job Search Resources

A job search is a lot like buying a new car. Most people do a lot of research before making a major purchase and you should approach your job search the same way. 

Target Your Job Search | Build Your Strategy | Job Search Toolkit 
Researching Employers | Researching an Employer WebshopSocial Media
 Job Offers | Salary NegotiationSJSU Salary Survey



The interview is typically the final, and most pivotal part of the job search process.  This is where you'll get a chance, in your own words, to make a case why you are qualified for the position, passionate about the work, and a fit for their culture.

Types of Interviews | 5 Steps of Interview Preparation | During the Interview
Types of Interview Questions | Behavioral Interview Questions |  Big Interview 
Interview Dress | Professional Etiquette


Resources by Major

These resources provide a wide variety of information by major including career information databases, industry specific job search sites, as well as hot industry information on careers and internships in sectors like green and clean tech, nonprofit and government. 



Networking is simply an information exchange between you and another person. It involves establishing relationships with people who can help you advance your career in many ways.