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Gaining experience is extremely important when preparing for your career. Whether it is through internships, jobs, volunteer work, or extracurricular activities, you can take advantage of numerous opportunities while still in college. See our resources and tips below on finding opportunities.

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Not sure where to start looking for jobs/internships? Check out these sites for opportunities.


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Employer Connections

Want to connect with employers face-to-face? Gain a competitive edge by attending our recruitment events and services. Our recruitment events such as our job fairs will be posted on our program calendar.

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Drop-in Interviews

  • Feel free to learn about our drop-in interviews. If you are registered on SpartaJobs, you will be notified via email on upcoming drop-in interview dates.


Build Experience

Your experiences both inside and outside the classroom give you the skills and qualities employers want. These experiences can help you build your resume and portfolio. Here are different ways to gain experience. 


Develop Your Plan

Take your skills, qualities and interests, pair them with the job you want, and map out a plan that works for you.

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