Internship Resources

Online Resources

  • Spartajobs - SJSU Career Center's Job/Internship Database
  • - Local internships in the Silicon Valley and southern California
  • - General job site that contains internships
  • - For those interested in nonprofit organizations


Additional Tips

  • Seek advice from professors because there may be specific resources tailored to your industry of interest.
  • Go directly to a company/organization website because some of their internships may not be posted on general job/internship sites.



Have questions? We have answers! Here are some commonly asked internship questions.


Succeeding in Your Internship

Landing an internship is only half the battle. Being successful during your internships can make a big impact on your future career. View this webshop below to hear 10 tips for internship success.

Introductory slide of 10 Tips for Internship Success Webshop 

10 Tips for Internship Success (pdf)


Know Your Rights!

Part of internship success is knowing your rights when it comes to discrimination. The Youth@Work, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) website is for youth in the workforce, and answers questions about job/internship discrimination from the workplace.