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The Job Interview

The interview is typically the final, and most pivotal part of the job search process.  This is where you'll get a chance, in your own words, to make a case why you are qualified for the position, passionate about the work, and a fit for their culture.

Interviews may occur at the employer's site, on the telephone, at a job fair, or over coffee. But no matter where they occur, preparation is the key to success


Types of Interviews

Learn what to expect in four different types of Interviews.

5 Steps of Interview Preparation

Doing these five things will allow you to go into an interview with confidence

During the Interview

Learn about the three phases of an interview.

Types of Interview Questions

Distinguishing between the different types of questions you can expect will help you prepare.

Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavior interview questions are very common.  Use the simple S/T-A-R method to answer them.

Big Interview

Awesome and free online training: strategies and practice with questions from over 20 industries.

Interview Dress

Don't be the one who doesn't get the job because you didn't dress appropriately.

Professional Etiquette

Thank you letters, social etiquette, communication etiquette and more.


An article worth reading on states that executives and recruiters agree that there are only three basic categories that ALL interview questions fall in to:

      1. Strengths and Qualifications: "Can you do the job?"
      2. Motivation/Passion: "Will you love the job?"
      3. Culture Fit/Work Style/Personality: "Can we tolerate working with you?" 


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