Types of Interviews

The Phone Screen

A phone screen is often conducted prior to scheduling an in-person interview in order save the employer time. It's important to take a phone screen seriously and prepare for it the same way you'd prepare for an in-person interview.

Traditional: One-on-One Interviews

Most commonly interviews are conducted in private area with only the interviewer and the interviewee present. However, some interviews may contain multiple parts and types such as a panel interview or a group interview.

Panel Interviews

Panel interviews consists of multiple interviewers and one interviewee: you. This type of interview may seem a bit more intimidating; however, if you prepare like you would for any other interview and follow these simple guidelines, you'll be ready to excel in a panel interview:

  • Greet and shake the hand of all panel members when you enter the room.
  • Make an effort to remember each of their names; write them down if you must.
  • When responding to questions from the panel, rotate eye contact around the room making certain to include all panel members.
  • Start your eye contact with the person who asks the question, then rotate eye contact during your answer and conclude your answer with eye contact back on the panel member who asked the question. (This takes a little practice but can be done at home ahead of time.)

Group Interviews

A group interview consists one or two interviewers and a larger group of interviewees being interviewed at once. This type of interview could be chosen by the employer in an effort to save time, but more often, they are intended to observe how the interviewees interact with each other. Your soft skills will be on full display.