Tips for Job Fair Success

SJSU Career Center job fairs are excellent opportunities for you to gain information about anticipated internships and job openings. They are also a great chance to network and make contacts. Below are some quick tips for job fair success. 

Before the Fair

  • Identify which organizations you want to interact with by previewing the list of participating employers.
  • Log on to the Career Center’s website to research the employers and job descriptions so that you can target your resumes and speak effectively about your interest in the organization.
  • Broaden your focus and include many types of employers in your research. Do not rule out an employer because of the industry it represents. For example, a technical company may have opportunities in other areas besides engineering. Find out what kinds of positions are available.
  • Prepare your resume.Target a resume to each employer’s job opening. Polish your resume with a resume critique.
  • Prepare your introduction to begin the conversation with employers.
  • Prepare questions to ask representatives (Remember: Questions that show you did your research about the organization and available positions will help set you apart).

I notice you are hiring interns for ______. What types of assignments are given to an intern in this role?

What type of training is available?

What qualities/skills/qualifications are most sought after at your organization?

What do you like best about working here?

During the Fair

  • Dress professionally. Remember: it’s better to over dress than under dress!
  • Review the map of the floor to locate those organizations that are of interest to you and develop your game plan.
  • Introduce yourself and use the time with the employer to your advantage. Showcase your research and make an impression with the employer by discussing what about this organization and position were interesting to you and how your skills would be a good fit.
  • Ask about the application procedure. A positive attitude pays off! Follow up — get a business card or a contact name.
  • Bring your calendar. Be prepared to schedule interview appointments.
  • Be patient and anticipate lines. Visit less crowded organizations first.

After the Fair

  • Follow up with a handwritten or email thank you note thanking representatives for their time and information.
  • Apply to open positions on SJSU Handshake by uploading your resume.
  • Develop a post job fair plan to keep actively engaged in your job search. Attend a Career Center Interview Workshop or check out Big Interview to prepare for success in your interviews.