Job Search Resources

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Launch Your Job Search

A job search is a lot like buying a new car. Most people do a lot of research before making a major purchase and you should approach your job search the same way.

Consider the following:

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Begin Your Search

What do you want? Consider the location, industry, job title, duties and corporate culture. 

Target Your Job Search | Build Your Strategy 
Placement Agencies| Job Search Toolkit
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Research Employers

Where will you find the information you need to help your search? What websites should you review? Have articles about the companies you're targeting been published? Do you need to do informational interviews? Does your resume promote you as the best candidate for the position? 

                    Researching Employers Webshop
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Connect with Employers

Want to connect with an employer? We have resources customized just for you!  Check out all the great opportunities the Career Center offers.  Want additional resources? Our overview of placement agencies may be helpful!

SpartaJobs | SpartaJobs How-To Webshop | Spartan Shops
Job and Internship Fairs | Tips for Job Fair Success 
CPA Firm Recruitment Guide
Information Sessions and Tech Talks
SpartaRecruiting: On Campus Interviews
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Social Media

How is your online presence? Are you using social media to support your search? 

Tips for Creating a Great Profile | LinkedIn | Facebook
Twitter | Maintaining Your Online Presence


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Evaluate Job Offers

How much can you afford? Does your background make you a competitive candidate? What are your salary expectations? 

                                 Salary NegotiationSJSU Salary Survey