CPA Firm Recruitment Guide: Resume

Design Your Resume

Now that you're knowledgeable about who's hiring, what they're hiring for, and what they're all about, you're ready to make strategic adjustments to your resume to make a case that you and your experience are a great fit.


Accounting Resume Tips:

  • Use a professional, traditional style that is well organized.
  • Accounting resumes must be perfect: free of type-o's, grammatical errors, and well organized. 
  • Maximize your GPA by using either major or overall, and be prepared to discuss with employers. 
  • Do your best to customize a resume for each employer based on the job description and your research.
  • Your objective should be targeted to the specific firm or organization you're applying for.
  • Create a projects section on your resume where you can showcase your experience with accounting processes academically.  Emphasize your accounting experience while placing less emphasis on your less relevant work experience.
  • Use accounting terminology to describe your experiences, look for terminology in the job descriptions. 
  • Any business work experience is beneficial to list, but try to focus on transferable skills from your previous positions: balancing cash registers, keeping logs, organizing, and filing. How did you perform your job? Were you proficient, accurate, expedient?
  • Highlight soft skills (communication, people skills, teamwork, dedication, work ethic, etc.) wherever possible on your resume.
  • Highlight campus activities and extracurricular involvement. Show dedication to the field and your program.
  • Demonstrate leadership wherever possible: projects, clubs, class, volunteer work, etc.

If you are creating your first resume or need help with the basics, check out our resume tutorial and toolkit! Don't forget to check out our sample accounting resume!


How to Write a Project

Project Title, San Jose State University                                              
Spring 20xx

  • The first couple of bullets should describe the process and goals of the project using technical terminology, give details about the process, describe "how" you did things.
  • As you describe the process be sure to highlight any leadership role you assumed or collaboration facilitated with team members.
  • Your final bullet should summarize the results of your project, this could include project outcomes, grade received, presentations performed, or others.


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