Santa Clara County Office of Education Teacher Fair Tips

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Who can attend the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) fair?

  • Credentialed candidates with a Preliminary, Clear, or Professional Clear Credential or candidates who have a credential outside California
  • Candidates who have at least one year of experience in a teaching intern program holding an Internship Credential
  • Candidates who will be receiving their Preliminary, Clear, or Professional Clear Credential by Fall of the year attending the fair.
  • If you do not yet have your credential in hand but will receive it by Fall, you need to get an appeasement letter from either the Credential Office or your supervisor. The appeasement letter must be signed and typed on SJSU letterhead, must include the anticipated date that you will be recommended for the credential, and must indicate type of credential, level, authorization and/or subject(s). (Example: Preliminary Single Subject in History)

Before the fair:

  • It is recommended that you pre-register. Candidates who pre-register will enter the fair two hours before non-registered candidates! You will need to submit an application in addition to your credential or appeasement letter. The majority of districts within Santa Clara County will be attending this event. Identify top districts of interest and contact them ahead of time (2-4 weeks before the fair) to see if they will be in attendance.
  • Find out how the district handles the application/hiring process and which materials they require and use this as a guideline for additional materials to provide to district recruiters at the fair.
  • Research Santa Clara County School Districts.
  • Be prepared to be interviewed. Some districts interview candidates on the spot.

For additional information on fair preparation, visit the SCCOE website.


Bring to the Fair:

  • Proof of early registration. An email confirmation will be sent out confirming that you are registered for the fair. Print this out and bring to the fair.
  • All information submitted on the application to register for the fair and any documents forwarded electronically to SCCOE will not be provided to the school districts. Therefore, you will need to create packets of information to provide to the recruiters at the fair. You may also be asked to submit a district specific application.
  • Packets of information for the fair should include your letter of introduction, resume, photocopies of transcripts, credential (or appeasement letter), and three (or more) letters of recommendation.
  • Letters of recommendation should be from master teacher(s) and/or supervisor(s); preferably from individuals who have observed you teaching (keep original letters and make copies for fair.)
  • You may wish to include a completed copy of the district specific application with your materials as well. The more prepared you are, the better chance you will have to leave a positive impression on the recruiters!
  • Packets should be stapled, and your name should be on each document in case they get separated. Resume should be on top, with letters attached in back.
  • Indicate on your resume which grade(s) you want to teach and when you expect to receive your credential.
  • You can tailor your resume to a specific school district, but it is not expected or required.
  • A professional case to hold your documents and paper for note-taking (this can be purchased at Office Max or FedEx).
  • Yourself in professional dress (formal interview attire is appropriate. It is better to be overdressed than under-dressed!)

During the fair:

  • Be yourself and demonstrate enthusiasm and confidence! A career fair can be intimidating and chaotic. It’s normal to be nervous. Keep in mind that administrators want to hire confident individuals who have a passion for teaching and who will present themselves as strong and enthusiastic educators in the classroom.
  • Collect business cards and make notes about conversations with administrators/recruiters.
  • Ask administrators what the hiring process is like in their district and what the next steps are and/or what you can do to follow up.

After the fair:

  • Send thank you notes to districts you talked with and re-iterate your interest and enthusiasm for a teaching position (handwritten notes are best, but email notes are acceptable too)