Job Search Resources

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Begin Your Search

Develop a plan to land a job or internship. Start with knowing yourself and understand how to identify careers, and potential employers that are in alignment with your goals.

Build Your Strategy | Target Your Job Search
Job Search Toolkit | Placement Agencies

Researching Employers

Understand the importance of identifying and researching employers you are targeting or interviewing with to increase your job search success.

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Social Media

Use social media to support and enhance your job search efforts.

Tips for Creating a Great Profile | LinkedIn | Facebook
Twitter | Maintaining Your Online Presence

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Evaluate Job Offers

Understand the value of your skills, experience, and knowledge in relation to the job market, employer, and industry.

Salary Negotiation | SJSU Salary Survey


Woman biting her nail while thinking      Job Offer Ethics

Accepting a job offer can be an exciting and happy time. But what happens if you accept a job offer and another better opportunity comes along? 

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Job Seeker


Student EmploymentSearching for On-Campus Jobs

Find resources and tips to find student employment on campus.