Job Search Toolkit

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What’s in Your Job Search Toolkit?

Not sure what steps to take in the job search process? Use this toolkit to help you launch your next steps and market yourself for success!

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Step 1: Identify and Market Your Skills

San José State University students develop a wide variety of skills. What are your skills? How have you used them? How do you want to share them with employers?

Identify Your Skills
Examples & Accomplishment Statements 

Skills that SJSU Students Develop


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Step 2: Research Industries, Fields, and Positions

How do you know which jobs to apply for? Here are some tips to get you started.



Computer mouse connected to the Earth which forms the 'o' in the word 'Jobs'.Step 3: Find Employers

You have found careers of interest to you, now use these resources to help you connect with employers.



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Step 4: Develop Your Plan

Put it all together! Take your skills, qualities and interests, pair them with your industry and position research and map out a plan that works for you.



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Step 5: Build Your Network

Start connecting with other professionals in your industry or field so you can build your professional network.