Identify and Market Your Skills

Do SJSU students develop the in-demand skills employers are looking for? 

The answer is yes!!  Below are some examples, take a look.

Skills SJSU Students Develop

Writing Skills: to express oneself clearly through written words.

Communication Skills (verbal): to speak effectively to individuals and groups.

Teamwork Ability: to work well with others and generate group cooperation and support.

Interpersonal Skills:  to get along well with and relate to others.

Self-Starter: the ability to take initiative and work effectively without supervision.

Analytical Skills: to examine in detail or to separate data and ideas into their parts.

Flexibility/Adaptability: to adapt to new and changing situations.

Multi-Cultural Skills: to relate to people from diverse backgrounds.

Computer Skills: knowledge of various types of computers, software, and internet applications.

Attention to Detail: to thoroughly accomplish tasks with a concern for all areas.

Problem Solving Ability: to identify the source of a problem and provide a solution.

Organizational Skills: to manage multiple projects or responsibilities effectively. 

Global Awareness: to possess an understanding of other cultures.

Critical Thinking Skills: to analyze and evaluate large amounts of information to make decisions about what is most useful.

Creativity/Ability to “think outside the box”: to generate new ideas and concepts and also bring a fresh perspective to a task or project. 

Design and Planning Skills: to conceptualize, create, and coordinate all aspects of a project or assignment from start to finish

Top 10 Skills Employers Seek

Communication Skills (written and verbal)

Strong Work Ethic

Ability to Work in a Team



Interpersonal Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Analytical/Quantitative Skills


Computer and/or Technical Skills

NACE Job Outlook, 2012

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