Identify and Market Your Skills

Do SJSU Students Develop the In-Demand Skills Employers are Looking For?

The answer is yes! Check out this short video on how your education is preparing you for success in the real world!


Skills that SJSU Students Develop

As aligned with University Learning Goals (ULGs)

Broad Integrative Knowledge (ULG)

  • Writing Skills: To express oneself clearly through written words.
  • Communication Skills (verbal): To speak effectively to individuals and groups.
  • Teamwork Ability: To work well with others and generate group cooperation.
  • Computer Skills: Knowledge of various types of computers, software, and internet applications.
  • Design and Planning Skills: To conceptualize, create, and coordinate all aspects of a project or assignment from start to finish.


Intellectual Skills (ULG)

  • Analytical Skills: To examine in detail or to separate data and ideas into their parts.
  • Problem Solving Ability: To identify the source of a problem and provide a solution.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: To analyze and evaluate large amounts of information to make decisions about what is most useful.
  • Creativity/Ability to "Think Outside the Box": To generate new ideas and concepts and also bring a fresh perspective to a task or project.


Applied Knowledge (ULG)

  • Self-Starter: The ability to take initiative and work effectively without supervision.
  • Flexibility/Adaptability: To adapt to new and changing situations.
  • Multi-Cultural Skills: To relate to and work with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Attention to Detail: To thoroughly accomplish tasks with a concern for all areas.
  • Organizational Skills: To manage multiple projects or responsibilities effectively.


Social & Global Responsibilities (ULG)

  • Global Awareness: To possess an understanding of other cultures and perspectives and how to address issues/problems with a global impact in an ethical manner.


Specialized Knowledge (ULG)

  • Knowledge that you develop through your major and upper division coursework as it relates to a specific field of study. See department website for specific skills developed in your selected major.