Researching Employers

Dictionary opened to the word 'research'.

Why Research Employers?

  • To identify employers for which you would like to work.
  • To effectively market yourself  as a candidate in resumes, and cover letters.
  • To demonstrate genuine interest in an organization at job fairs and networking events.
  • To shine in an interview by preparing good questions for the organization in advance as well as anticipating questions you may be asked. 


What to Look For

  • What are the organization’s services or products?
  • How successful is the company or organization? What are their sales? Assets? Earnings? What has their growth pattern been like? What is their forecast of anticipated growth?
  • What is the size of the company? How many employees do they have? What types of jobs exist with the employer?
  • What are the objectives and philosophy of the organization?
  • What is their location? How many locations are there? How long have they been established there?
  • Who are their competitors?
  • What are the names of key executives? Is the company publicly or privately owned?
  • What is the general reputation of the organization?
  • What are their major achievements? Have they been in the news lately?


Where to Research Employers


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