Researching Employers

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Why Research Employers?

  1. To identify employers for which you would like to work.
  2. To effectively market yourself  as a candidate in resumes, and cover letters.
  3. To demonstrate genuine interest in an organization at job fairs and networking events.
  4. To shine in an interview by preparing good questions for the organization in advance as well as anticipating questions you may be asked. 


What to Look For

    • What are the organization’s services or products?
    • How successful is the company or organization? What are their sales? Assets? Earnings? What has their growth pattern been like? What is their forecast of anticipated growth?
    • What is the size of the company? How many employees do they have? What types of jobs exist with the employer?
    • What are the objectives and philosophy of the organization?
    • What is their location? How many locations are there? How long have they been established there?
    • Who are their competitors?
    • What are the names of key executives? Is the company publicly or privately owned?
    • What is the general reputation of the organization?
    • What are their major achievements? Have they been in the news lately?


Know the InterviewerKnow the Interviewer
Internship Journey: The Search



Industry Links

America’s Career InfoNet – Searches by industry, occupation, location, or keyword

Job Star: Researching Employers and Industries – Thousands of useful sites to research companies and industries

Vault – Insider information on over 5,000+ companies and 70 industries, including company profiles, employee surveys, and message boards

Plunkett Research - Market Research, Industry Statistics, Trends and In-Depth Analysis of Top Companies

Annual Reports Library -  A free online service providing access to company annual reports

Yahoo! Finance - Stock Reports, company updates, and other newsworthy industry information

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers - Offers product, company and industry news

Earnings Whispers - Provides the daily and weekly trades of companies

San Jose Mercury News - Local, national, world, business, and technology news

Silicon Valley Business Journal  -Resource for business news in the Silicon Valley Area

Yahoo! Newspaper Directory – Newspaper links by region

Linked In - Search by company, as well as look for connections who work at a company of interest for informational interviews


Additional Resources

    • Resources by Major
    • Dr. Martin Luther King Library - Assistance with business research as well as a wide variety of industry-specific guides, publications, and websites. Need help with your research?  Contact a reference librarian and make an appointment for assistance.

For more tips on how to research employers, check out our webshop.  Still have questions? Make an appointment with the Career Center for additional assistance about how to research employers, prepare for interviews, or identify your personal needs in a work environment.

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