Accomplishment Statements


The best way to tailor your resume is to write specific accomplishment statements that clearly demonstrate what you did vs. simply listing duties or responsibilities. Employers want to know how you can add value to their team or organization. To do this, you want to write accomplishment statements that highlight your qualifications, support your objective, and demonstrate your skills.  

 To write effective accomplishment statements, think of the acronym: S.T.A.R. (Situation, Task, Action, Result)

    1. Begin your statement with an action verb.
    2. Outline the Situation or Task. What did you do or what were you involved in?
    3. Describe the Action you took. What skills did you use?
    4. Include the Result, outcome, or learning of your action; quantify with numbers or percentages when possible.


 Accomplishment Statement Examples


Before: Responsible for customer service.

After: Selected as the primary agent to handle irate customers.  Recognized for ability to calm clients, resolve problems, and follow through.  Resulted in strong customer relations.

Action verbs=selected, recognized
S or T= handle irate customers
A=calm clients, resolve problems, follow through
R=strong customer relations


Before: Prepared financial reports.

After: Designed, developed and distributed customized monthly budget results. Provided timely and accurate data for management analysis.


Before: Led a team of student volunteers.

After: Recruited and managed a team of 10 volunteers to carry out a campus wide orientation which led to the highest satisfactory rating by participants.


Before: Responsible for writing business plans.

After:  Effectively demonstrated writing skills through the creation of a district business plan which reduced expenses by 10%.


Before: Rebuilt a model radio for resale.

After:  Rebuilt a 1900 Philco model radio using research and technical expertise which returned a 250% profit upon sale.


Before: Responsible for the design of LCM interface.

After:  Collaboratively worked with a team of 4 to design a comprehensive LCM interface.  Presented the finished product in a timely manner allowing extra time to assist team with additional projects.


Before: Did price analysis and sold products.

After: Performed competitive price analysis for monthly reports and reduced error margin by 10%.  Promoted products to customers through telemarketing and increased sales by 5%.


Before: Took food orders and served bacon and eggs.

After: Assisted customers in a timely and effective manner in a fast paced environment.


Before: Sold high-end women’s shoes.

After: Communicated and marketed products to a diverse client base.


Before: Tested and repaired PC boards.

After: Analyzed and troubleshot equipment and process defects. Presented findings and made recommendations to management.



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