Maintaining Your Online Presence

Tips to maintain a positive online presence:

  • Clean up your digital dirt. Remove any pictures, content, or links that can send the wrong message to employers. Ask yourself, "How do I show up in the world?" Try a Google search on yourself periodically to see what comes up.
  • Remember the internet is public domain. They are called social networking sites for a reason. It is becoming commonplace for employers to do an online search for candidates before making job offers. A good guideline is to not put anything out on a social networking site that you would not want to see on the front page of the paper.
  • Use social networking sites to your advantage. Maintain your online profile by portraying an image consistent with how you want to be perceived. Your profile is a way for you to demonstrate to employers your communication skills using proper grammar and spelling. Convey your professional image by choosing your photo and your screen name carefully. Include great references on your profile from a variety of different people to "paint" a positive professional image of yourself.
  • Using social networking sites may not be for you. If using social media tools is not fun for you and it just feels like more work, that is OK. These tools are not for everyone. If you are just going through the motions of putting something out there to have a presence, do not do it. Your lack of enthusiasm and lack of passion will show through, and that is NOT the image you want to portray. Your time and energy will serve you better to focus on areas that you believe in.

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