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Applying To SJSU Spartan Staffing

Welcome to SJSU Spartan Staffing, an innovative approach to matching San José State University students and alumni to job and internship opportunities. Current students and alumni who are registered with the Career Center are eligible to apply.  SJSU Spartan Staffing is managed by the SJSU Career Center and it brings together two local Staffing Services, Slingshot Connections  and Expandability. SJSU Spartan Staffing bridges job seekers from SJSU to industry, matching qualified candidates with the employers who need them.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a current student or an alumnus of San José State University.
  • Must be willing and available to work within two weeks from applying for employment.




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For additional information please contact the SJSU Career Center at


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Information for students on enrolling in SJSU Spartan Staffing 

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Information on our contractors/partners (Slingshot Connections & Expandability).

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