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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there a cost to students/alumni that is associated with SJSU Spartan Staffing?

 A: No, there is absolutely no cost to students and alumni.


Q: How do I apply?

A: The application process can be done online by signing into SpartaJobs and clicking on the SJSU Spartan Staffing web banner. Be sure to upload a recent resume.  As we are sourcing for candidates to match to the assignments we are filling, we will contact you and invite you in for a personal interview and skills assessment.


Q: When do I get an interview with a recruiter?

A: We have a database that allows us to track candidates as well as our customers and their job openings. We receive various job orders that may require immediate placement while others have an extended deadline or are ongoing. If your skills or experience match the types of positions we have, we will connect with you to conduct a pre-screen and a thorough interview with a recruiter. Getting to know you and your work experience helps us to better match you to opportunities that fit your immediate work expectations or long-term career goals. If there’s a potential match, we will help prepare you for the next steps. Our goal is to help you be successful on your assignment.


Q: What types of positions are available to me?

A: SJSU Spartan Staffing offers temporary, temporary-to-regular, and direct-hire opportunities for a wide range of skill sets and in a variety of industries. Positions may be part-time or full-time and may be regular employment opportunities or internships.


Q: Once I’m on an assignment and have further questions who do I contact?

A: SJSU Spartan Staffing is your employer. Even while on assignment at one of our customer locations, you will need to direct questions to us. Therefore, any questions regarding payroll, HR issues, assignment scheduling, etc. should be addressed with your recruiter or representative with SJSU Spartan Staffing.


Q: How and when do I get paid?

A:  Pay days are every Friday when you work. You may select to receive direct deposit or a paper check mailed to your mailing address.


Q: How is SJSU Spartan Staffing different from SpartaJobs?

A.  SpartaJobs is the official SJSU job database where students and alumni can apply for jobs. Through SpartaJobs, students must apply for each job they’re interested in. SJSU Spartan Staffing is a staffing service; recruiters from SJSU Spartan Staffing keep your resume/application on file and in the event a job opening becomes available that you qualify for, they will reach out to you to see if you’re interested in applying. SJSU Spartan Staffing works with you to match you to a job opening and place you into a job. SJSU Spartan Staffing complements your job search strategy, it does not replace it.


Q: Does SJSU Spartan Staffing place students in on-campus jobs?

A.  At this time, jobs will be off-campus.


Q: Do I have to wait until I graduate to be matched with a potential job?

A.  No, all registered students/alumni who are authorized to work in the U.S. can apply with SJSU Spartan Staffing at any time.


Q: Can I wait until summer or after I graduate to begin an assignment?

A.  Yes, but only apply for SJSU Spartan Staffing services when you’re ready to begin working. This means you should wait to apply until you’re ready to begin working. Be prepared to be available to work at least two weeks after you apply.


Q: How do I find jobs offered through SJSU Spartan Staffing?

A.  SJSU Spartan Staffing jobs will be posted to SpartaJobs under the employer name “SJSU Spartan Staffing.”


Q: How far from the SJSU campus should I expect to work?

A.  Work-site locations will vary. Most jobs will be located in Silicon Valley or the greater Bay Area.


Q: How long will it be before I’m matched with a job?

A.  Time of placement varies based on industry demand, your skill and experience level, and whether or not there are any potential job matches. We try and place every job seeker as quickly as possible.


Q: How can SJSU Spartan Staffing help me?

A.  SJSU Spartan Staffing can assist in helping connect you to potential job matches and employers. When a potential job match is identified, SJSU Spartan Staffing recruiters will work with you to help prepare you for the interview and will market you to employers.


Q: What if I have little or no work experience, do I still qualify?

A.  Yes, SJSU Spartan Staffing matches students and alumni to various types of jobs and caters to the various levels of talent. Some jobs may require no experience.


Q: Can I negotiate my salary?

A.  SJSU Spartan Staffing is here to represent you and negotiate competitive salaries on your behalf. Be sure to share your preferences to include desired salaries with your SJSU Spartan Staffing Agent.


Q. I’m an international student, how can SJSU Spartan Staffing help me?

A. Based on our customer reach, we are able to assist each student/alumni on an individual basis.


Q: Will SJSU Spartan Staffing take up a lot of my time?

A.  No, SJSU Spartan Staffing has a simple yet effective registration and communication process.


Q: How does the application process work?

A.  SJSU Spartan Staffing prefers online registration; however, we are able to take hard copy applications too.  The initial application process is fairly quick and can be done from your personal computer.


Q: Will there be any job opportunities related to my major?

A.  As SJSU Spartan Staffing was developed, we had every SJSU major in mind.  We will make every effort to remain current and offer job opportunities based on SJSU’s educational offerings.


Q: How is SJSU Spartan Staffing different than other staffing companies?

A.  SJSU Spartan Staffing is different from other staffing companies because our primary goal is to serve the needs of current SJSU students and SJSU alumni. We are here to serve as your agent and to support your job search.


Q. What’s the difference if I apply as an individual with a disability and use the “Accessible Registration” function instead of the “General Registration” function?

A. Job seekers have the same access to employers and job opportunities despite how they register for SJSU Spartan Staffing. The difference in registration is that job seekers who enroll through the Accessible Registration option will be matched with and contacted by a SJSU Spartan Staffing agent who is experienced in working with various disabilities and can answer unique questions related to the job seeker’s disability and employment.


Please direct further questions to careerhelp@sjsu.edu





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