Internship Journey Videos

Check out the Internship Journey Video Series which features a diverse group of SJSU students in a variety of majors who share their internship stories. The Internship Journey Video Series is broken down into 4 different segments and is designed to meet students in a fun and contemporary environment.

    1. Why Internships? Learn more about the importance of internships.
    2. Prepare for the Competition: Learn which materials you will need for the application process.
    3. The Search: Learn how to find a quality internship that's right for you.
    4. Tips For Success: Find out how to make the most of your internship.


1. Why Internships?



This segment clears up all those confusing terms and answers specific questions you have about internships like:

    • What qualifies as an internship? PDF
    • When is the best time to do one?
    • Why are internships such a good thing to do? PDF



2. Prepare for the Competition


This segment goes over all the types of materials and preparation activities you need in order to compete for the best internship experiences. SJSU students give you tips on how and when they completed their materials and the importance of preparing before you begin the actual search for a position.

 Get an insider's view from employers and discover what they look for when reviewing internship applications! PDF



3. The Search


This segment gives you criteria to evaluate and choose a good internship (PDF). SJSU students point you to the resources they used, their search strategies, and even some tips on creating a proposal for a new internship position (PDF).



4. Tips For Success


This segment gives you tips on how to do well once you land the position. Finish the journey right by hearing from other SJSU students and get the employer perspective on what makes a successful intern! (PDF)