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Additional Internship Links

Utilize these additional resources.

Internship Links




Career Center Events

Connect with employers to find an internship: Job Fairs, Industry Panels, Non-Profit & Public Service Forum, and more.






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Find a Job/Internship

The "Find a Job/Internship" section of our website has tons of tips to guide you toward finding an internship.

It is located under the Students tab. Here is the link - Find a Job/Internship.

From that section of our site, you will learn tips on building these basic job/internship search skills:


Additional Tips:

  • Check with your academic department for leads to other possible internship opportunities.
  • Talk to professionals in the field, join student professional organizations, and tell your own personal network of family and friends about your desire for an internship.
  • Utilize the additional Links/Resources for Internships.
  • View our Internship Video Series and Student Success Stories.
  • Utilize resources mentioned above such as SpartaJobs and Career Center events.



Landing an internship is only half the battle. Being successful during your internships can make a big impact on your future career. View this webshop below to hear 10 tips for internship success.

Introductory slide of 10 Tips for Internship Success Webshop 

10 Tips for Internship Success (pdf)


Know Your Rights!

Part of internship success is knowing your rights when it comes to discrimination. The Youth@Work, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) website is for youth in the workforce, and answers questions about job/internship discrimination from the workplace.

Youth@Work EEOC Home Page

What is Employment Discrimination?

Your Rights

Challenge Yourself! - Think you know your rights on the job and understand your responsibilities at work? Find out how much you really know about job discrimination and the EEOC through their interactive Challenge Yourself!

If you experience any unlawful discrimination or harassment, below is information on how to report your complaints:

CSU Student Complaint Process