What Makes a Good Internship?

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9 Things To Look For When Searching For An Internship

Features of Quality Internships

1. Assignment is at a pre-professional level of work and clearly related to your academic major or field of interest.

2. Organization acknowledges and supports your learning goals, providing an opportunity to develop the skills you need.

3. Proper supervision is given by a professional in the field.

4. Length of the assignment is clearly defined and is not listed as "on-going".

5. Mechanism is in place for proper evaluation/feedback of your performance at the end of the assignment.

Features of Exceptional Internships

6. The position is with a well-known, established internship program with committed resources for extra learning opportunities such as professional training, networking social events, company presentations, etc.

7. You are given exposure to several different functions of the organization during the assignment and may be given increased levels of responsibility.

8. There is a defined outcome (plan, project, product, or report) that will be due and evaluated at the end of your assignment. A formal presentation of your work at the end of the assignment is a good indicator.

9. Employer indicates the internship program is an established hiring channel for their career positions.


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