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LinkedIn EventWrite Your Way to Career Success!

How to publish your work on LinkedIn


Presenter: Maya Pope-Chappell, News Editor at LinkedIn
Thursday, Oct 1, 2:30-3:30pm
Martin Luther King Library (Room 255)

Learn how to leverage LinkedIn’s publishing platform to showcase your class projects, work, and student experiences to ultimately gain the attention of peers, recruiters and future employers.

The platform has been wildly successful—in terms of reach and engagement—as a place for professionals to share their perspectives.

In writing on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to:

  • Reach up to 380+ million professionals
  • Become an authority in your area of study or expertise
  • Gain the attention of peers, future employers and LinkedIn members alike

Check out their student publishing guide, as well as our student editorial calendar, which is filled with monthly content themes and topics to write about. Need more ideas? Check out what your peers are writing on our “Student Voices” channel.

If you’re up for writing, just click this link to access our publishing tool: 

Once you publish, share your published URL using this share form: