Student Success Stories

Congratulations to these Spartans on finding a job/internship!




Photo of Monica

Monica, '16 Linguistics

Position obtained: Diversity Blog Writer/Narrator Internship at SundanceKid Press

"Always go to office hours and sincerely voice your interests."

Photo of Michael

Michael, '15 Marketing 

Obtained several internships throughout his college career.

"Freshmen year is a great place to start... You don't go into the internship thinking you're ready, you can do things even if you're not ready."

Photo of Kelly

Kelly, '16 Computer Science

Position obtained: Program Management Intern at Intel

"You owe it to yourself to have the best career that you can possibly have. Do a good job at your internship, but also see yourself as an integral part of the team — regardless of your 'intern' title. Don’t just gain experience, but seek for growth and learning along the way."

Photo of Samuel

Samuel, '15 Physics

Joined the Navy's Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) Program.

"I never really saw the military as a place where you could go to get ahead in life... I discovered I can use my degree and be in the military"

Photo of Danny

Danny, '17 Industrial and Systems Engineering

Position obtained: Internship at Project Frog, a start-up company in San Francisco, after changing his major to industrial and systems engineering

"I got both ends of the spectrum... I learned what I liked and I learned what I didn’t like."

Photo of Ashley

Ashley, '17 Chemical Engineering

Position obtained: Technical Writer Intern at Tesla Motors

"It is important to remember that life's greatest achievements are rarely achieved alone."

Photo of Ha

Ha, '14 Business Administration: Marketing

Position obtained: Community Management Internship with Walgreens

"I prepared for the interview using the BIG Interview feature offered by the Career Center’s website. I recorded herself answering interview questions and received valuable advice from the Career Center staff on how to improve my verbal skills."

Photo of William

William, '17 Computer Science

Positions obtained: Internship at McKesson after attending a job fair

"I went to the job fair, I met the manager and we talked about the position and I asked him what he liked about the company, and we shook hands. At the end I gave him my resume and a few weeks later I landed the big interview."

Photo of Marithza

Marithza, '14 Animation/Illustration

Position obtained: Internship with Ghost Bot Inc. and Muvu Media

"My professor was my best connection and he connected me with a producer who took me in for an interview."


Photo of Melissa

Melissa, '17 Computer Engineering

Position obtained: Internship at Intel in the computer engineering department

"Now that I have an internship I feel great! I feel like a grown up. I feel responsible. I feel like I am positive member of society. I’m most excited about continuing my internship at Intel. There is still so much more to learn and so many more opportunities to be innovative! I hope that I can continue to positively represent the University and myself by doing the best that I can. The sky is the limit!"

Photo of Rahul

Rahul, '15 M.S. Computer Engineering

Position obtained: Computer Networks Intern with Juniper Networks

“It is important to work hard in one’s academics, but it is equally important to work hard in building one’s network and to never stop socializing with others.”

Photo of Danthy

Danthy, '16 Human Resource Management

Position obtained: Internship at Aeris Communications after several interviews

"Don't let rejection let you down, take advantage of the resources on campus like the Career Center, you may think you don't need it but there's always room for improvement."

Photo of Shahbaz

Shahbaz, '16 Software Engineering

Position obtained: Software Engineering Intern with Adobe senior year

"In a very small amount of time I was able to build a prototype search engine and a big data engine which handled a lot of their analytics problems."

Photo of Sam

Sammuel, '16 Mechanical Engineering


Position obtained: Internship at Associated General Contractors (AGC)

"I would tell other students to be persistent and patient... Your first internship that you apply to might not be the one so you just gotta to keep applying, keep applying and be patient."

Photo of Edward

Edward, '17 Electrical Engineering

Position obtained: Lab Assistant Intern with UL Inc. as a freshmen

"Very happy I got an internship as a freshmen because I feel like I have a head start in developing my skills and experience."

Photo of Jane

Jane, '13 Accounting

Position obtained: Advisory position with Grant Thornton senior year

"Being able to have a job lined up before graduation was my goal and I'm happy that I was able to achieve it."

Photo of Jessica

Jessica, '15 Communication Studies

Positions obtained: Marketing & Communications Intern with Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits and A.S. Director of Communications, both obtained during her Senior year

"Getting involved on and off campus was the best way to help me discover what career I want pursue after college. From those experiences, I know what my strengths are and how I can contribute to make any organization and the world a better place"

Photo of Aryton

Aryton, '14 Political Science

Positions obtained: District 3 Intern with the City of San Jose during senior year and then obtained Staffing Specialist position with Teen Force after graduation

"I’m grateful for having a job that’s aligned with my interests, and I can confidently say that the work I’m doing gives me a great sense of fulfillment."