Student Success Story

Photo of Aryton

Aryton, '14 Political Science

Positions obtained: District 3 Intern with the City of San Jose during senior year and then obtained Staffing Specialist position with Teen Force after graduation

"I’m grateful for having a job that’s aligned with my interests, and I can confidently say that the work I’m doing gives me a great sense of fulfillment."

What made you interested in this career path?

I wanted a career that focuses on making people's lives better and had an interest in policy.

Tell us about the organization and position.

With San Jose City Hall, I assisted with policy research and I was exposed to the powerful effects that nonprofit organizations have on the communities they serve. After I graduated, I became a Staffing Specialist for an organization called Teen Force that helps foster youth in finding a job. I talk with business owners in the area about their hiring needs, and try to match them up with the youth in our program.

How did you find your position?

Since my political science professor had a lot of strong connections in City Hall, I reached out to him to see if he could help me out. I sent him my resume, but no responses. It wasn’t until my professor saw that I scored a 96% on his midterm, then all of a sudden I received a response from City Hall, so I think it's because he saw my potential. I polished up my interviewing skills at the Career Center and eventually landed the internship. 

For my job with Teen Force, my strategy was to talk with all my connections: professors, past supervisors, and professionals at networking mixers. I made sure that I tailored my resume to specific positions and had other people review my resume for feedback. I also kept my options open by applying to government, nonprofit, and even some private sector positions too.

What tips would you give your fellow Spartans?

Start early, especially at the freshmen grade level and maintain strong and personal relationships with your professors because they can provide great connections.