Featured Stories

Samuel, '15 Physics

Joined the Navy's Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) Program.

"I never really saw the military as a place where you could go to get ahead in life... I discovered I can use my degree and be in the military"


Danny, '17 Industrial and Systems Engineering

Obtained an internship at Project Frog, a start-up company in San Francisco after changing his major to industrial and systems engineering. 

"I got both ends of the spectrum... I learned what I liked and I learned what I didn’t like."


William, '17 Computer Science

Obtained an internship at McKesson after attending a job fair.

"I went to the job fair, I met the manager and we talked about the position and I asked him what he liked about the company, and we shook hands. At the end I gave him my resume and a few weeks later I landed the big interview."


Melissa, '17 Computer Engineering

Obtained an internship at Intel in the computer engineering department.

"Now that I have an internship I feel great! I feel like a grown up. I feel responsible. I feel like I am positive member of society. I’m most excited about continuing my internship at Intel. There is still so much more to learn and so many more opportunities to be innovative! I hope that I can continue to positively represent the University and myself by doing the best that I can. The sky is the limit!"

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Danthy, '16 Human Resource Management

Obtained an internship at Aeris Communications after several interviews.

"Don't let rejection let you down, take advantage of the resources on campus like the Career Center, you may think you don't need it but there's always room for improvement."


Sammuel, '16 Mechanical Engineering

Obtained an internship at Associated General Contractors (AGC), after being rejected from another internship. 

"I would tell other students to be persistent and patient... Your first internship that you apply to might not be the one so you just gotta to keep applying, keep applying and be patient."