Student Success Story

Photo of Marithza

Marithza, '14 Animation/Illustration

Position obtained: Internship with Ghost Bot Inc. and Muvu Media

"My professor was my best connection and he connected me with a producer who took me in for an interview."

What made you interested in this career path?

I studied Animation/Illustration because I grew up playing with arts and crafts and making homemade videos with my family. Creating things spawned from the imagination was something I wanted to do for the rest of her life. When I got into San Jose State University, I knew the importance of an internship, and getting real world experience. Additionally, I realized having an internship would build my resume and portfolio as well as expand my professional network. 

How did you find your position?

I learned about tailoring your resume and basic interview skills through the career center’s website. I searched for internships surfing through Google and, but did not have much success. After applying to several internships, I finally received a call from Muvu Media for an interview! They were impressed with my resume and the fact that I was a student at San Jose State University.

After my internship with Muvu Media ended, I reached out to my professors for additional opportunities. Luckily for me, my professor was my best connection and he connected me with a producer who took me in for an interview with Ghost Bot Inc.

What tips would you give your fellow Spartans?

I would tell students to make strong connections with people in your field, especially with your professors!

Keys to Success:

  • Pursued my childhood passion
  • Never gave up and maintained confidence
  • Willing to ask for help from professor
  • Networked with professionals in my field
  • Established goals and consistently worked hard to achieve them
  • Create strong connections